Hi! I'm Haley

"When I grow up I want to be an artist. I would because I like to draw. I would have my studio. And when I got bored I would go somewhere and draw what I see. When I'd have enough pictures drawn I would sell them." -Haley, age 10


[Drawing from elementary school, "What I want to be when I grow up".]

I've moved a lot in my 20's. My moving started with the fashion design internships I had to do every other three months for three years straight, and just happened to continue after that for a few years. Newport Beach, Vail, Aspen, Santa Rosa, Cincinnati, and India were a few areas I experienced, but currently, Jackson Hole's been home for almost 3 years, which is really impressive on the Haley-move-scale:)
[Jackson Hole daily life.]
To make my moves a little simpler, I had a series of boxes that held my “necessities,” one of which had art supplies I accumulated through the years. One day a few years ago, I found myself digging through that supply box and ran across 12 tubes of watercolors along with two nice brushes. It had totally slipped my mind that I had taken one watercolor course in college [read: wasn't into it].
[I studied Fashion Design because I've always been fashion-forward, as seen here.]
I only gained an interest in painting when I got to Jackson [half the reason I moved here was for the "art scene" (the other half was snowy mountains)]. I didn't have much experience in painting, didn't have a job yet, but did have a lot of Acrylics. I randomly put together an Art Show for Cowboy Coffee of acrylic paintings on wood and then began painting in a style similar to what my watercolor paintings look like now. 
snow king
[Acrylic painting on wood from my first art show.]
The transition to watercolors was caused by a cruise. Let me back up, my boyfriend [met him during my Aspen stint] and I went on a cruise. Fun! Nope. We were both sick basically the entire time and I came back to Jackson with a sweet 'ol kidney infection. On the bright-side, this allowed me some additional days off work. But sitting on the couch isn't for me, and I decided I should fill one of our 10'x10' walls with a mural [I still don't think my landlord knows...]. 
Greg + Haley
[Me + the man, recovered from that cruise.]
During that mural I really didn't want the paint to drip, but it did, and i gave up trying to stop it from dripping after about 5 minutes. But I ended up liking the effect. In a weird turn of events, once I started using those watercolors, they did the same thing. And I liked that, too.  
Beginning watercolor
[An early-on partial-painting from a plein air watercolor class I took in Grand Teton National Park.]
Less than a year after finding those paints, I had my first watercolor show in December of 2014 at the Rose in Jackson Hole. Called “First to Third,” the collection showed the disparity between first world and third world countries, along with providing information about particular companies I showcased that are doing work in those places, thus giving the viewer a chance to see if he or she resonated with one of the global issues. Prints from this show can be found on my Etsy site here, as this website only contains my limited edition series of paintings.
[A newspaper article excerpt from my most recent art show.]
I love learning more about watercoloring, and am excited about offering some originals and prints for you to enjoy as well. Though this is my first artwork store, I do have some experience, as I ran a successful store out of my room from about ages 5-10 called the Stone Shop, where I sold "exotic" stones I found to...well, I think my mom was my only customer each time I was open. Due to inflation, my prices are a bit higher on this site than me 10 cent stone sales:)
Pig Farmer
[About the age I had my Stone Shop, I was also a pro at doing chores around the farm.]
Now that we've met a little bit, welcome to my site! Thanks so much for coming by. I'd love to hear from you if anything you see piques your interest, just to say hi, or talk about any of the following which I also love: cooking + baking with an emphasis on healthy stuff, diving deeper into my faith in God, listening to entrepreneur podcasts, playing the piano and most all sports, trying to maintain a positive attitude while cheering for the Browns, and traveling to culturally diverse areas in the world. 
[A woman I brought food to in Panama during a mission trip, the first time I left the USA.]
Growing up on a farm in Northwest Ohio, I would have never guessed I’d end up in Wyoming, but after being a trek guide around the USA, the beauty here was too much to overlook. If anyone finds themselves in the Tetons/Yellowstone area [which I highly recommend], make sure to get ahold of me at HaleyBadenhopArt [at] gmail.com and let’s grab some coffee or go skiing:)
[Five winters spent Adaptive Ski Instructing.]
In the meantime, please follow me on Instagram and Facebook, to see the most up-to-date artwork. 

“There’s something about [Haley]. She radiates this amazing spirit.” - Jackson Hole News & Guide, Dec. 2014

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