Bison Camp Mug • Pre-Order

Bison Camp Mug • Pre-Order

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PLEASE NOTE: Mugs will ship approximately the first week of February.  *Limited Stock: Only 22 Available!*

Whenever I visit a new country, I always try to bring back a mug; I’m not sure if I like the mug better or the fact that it holds my coffee!

And this is why I decided to start off my product offerings with...Camp Mugs! 

After much research, I found that the best enamel mugs are made in Eastern Europe (a lot of others only use decals that can come off!). So I’m working with an awesome guy in Latvia, Edgars, who has perfected the enamel practice and is really passionate about it!

Therefore, mugs are dishwasher and campfire safe - no need to worry that design can come off or fade, as it is melted into enamel itself.

Enamel mugs are durable, but they can be damaged against a hard surface that may result in having scratches.
Mugs have hole in the handle because they hang in the furnace and there might be some small enamel ''chipping''.
Mugs CAN NOT be used in microvawes as they are made of metal covered with enamel.
They meet all standards and are safe for food.

Height : 8,2cm / 3.22inch
Diameter : 9cm / 3.54inch
Volume : 400ml / 13,5oz